Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to use sweater for DIY?

This Challenge I contributed to Snippets Newspaper: The New York Concern on Reduce Out + Maintain Back again in 2010, and am re-posting Right here on my Weblog.
Declare your Adore for the Huge Apple!  Consider that shirt Displaying genuine NYC pride and remake it into a Fashionable totebag. LOVE is in the Particulars! Here’s how to make your Personal:
    Tape Measure  /  Chalk  / Sewing Machine Needle for knits  /  Scissors  / Pin(s)  /  Serger /Dot Ribbon (optional)

1. Lay your shirt flat and cut a square out of it, through both layers. Cut as close as you can to the neck ribbing and the armscye seams so you can get the largest square possible from one tee.
2. Pin the Rectangular pieces, Correct sides Collectively, at the sides and the bottom.

3. Sew the sides and bottom Collectively. Do not pivot at the bottom corners; Rather Circular them Away (this Tiny trick will be a lifesaver if you Actually spill any Little objects in the bag; this also prevents Dirt and dirt from collecting in the corners).2. Pin the Rectangular pieces, Correct sides Collectively, at the sides and the bottom.
4. If you have an overlocker or serger, overcast the raw edges at the top to prevent unraveling; if not, use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.  Fold under about 3/4″ and sew down to create the finished top to the bag.
5.  Measure about 1 3/8″ up from the upper line of stitching on the t-shirt’s remaining hem piece(in fact,you can use Double Face Satin Ribbon or spring ribbon), and mark. Make another mark at the same place at the other side of the hem piece.

6. Cut straight across.

7. Fold the raw edge of the hem piece under itself and sew it down, matching the stitching line of the hem. This will become the handles for the bag.
8. Cut the hem piece into two pieces.Pin each piece to the underside of the top part of your tote.

9. Fold the end of each piece under just prior to sewing it for added strength.
10. Sew around the edge of the handles, making a square with an “X” through it. This is an exceptionally strong stitch, used commonly for tote handles, and can withstand a lot of stress. 

Because the bag is Created of Extendy knit Material, it will conform to the Form of what’s Within, and can Extend if you Fill it up As well heavy. You can slip a Item of canvas or some other Powerful woven Within Close to to bottom to Avoid this – Usually, hang from your shoulder and declare your Adore for the Huge Apple!

Happy DIYing!


Yama Ribbon

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