Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Great Idea of Making Ribbon Flower

Do you know how to make a cute ribbon flower,today is the twentith day in may,do you know what mean in chinese?it's means i love you because 520 sounds i love you in chinese!so today  is a big day for the couples,right?
Do you want make a flower for you wife(or husband),Let's started!


(1)double side satin ribbon (I used 1 1/2" width w/ the wire-lined edges- it stays in place better) OR 44"/45" fabric (I used custom color ribbon).

(2)coordinating thread -needle -buttons, beads, (or you can just use thread), to use as embellishment

(1)Thread your needle and tie a knot at one end. Put aside to be used for later.

(2)For Ribbon:
Cut about 22"-24" of satin ribbon from your spool.

(3)For Fabric:
Fold fabric in half, selvage to selvage. After squaring up your fabric , cut a 1 1/2" wide strip.

(4)Continue holding the pleat against the edge of the ribbon/fabric with one hand. This will be the center of the flower. Continuing making new pleats towards the center while holding the existing pleats together:

(5)Continue this process until you reach the starting point:

(6)Begin a new row on top of the first row, while continuing to hold the ribbon/fabric together at the center. Pleat until you can pleat no more!, or until you have reached the end of the ribbon/fabric:

(7)Collect the threaded ribbon and sew through the middle of the flower, making close, small stitches:

(8)Make sure the flower stays together without having to hold it.
(9)To make petals (as I did with my shoe flowers), I just used a small pair of scissors to cut petal shapes into the fabric.  I also sewed a glass-like button to the middle of the flower.

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