Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to make a DIY wand with ribbon?

As you May well know, I am the proud mumma of two Quite Humorous, Quite loving, Quite GIRLY Small girls!My Small Adores are 2 and 4 and the Globe is their playground! My hubs and I  Attempt to surround our girls with JOY – we Think that Lifestyle (Specially childhood) Really should be enjoyed, not rushed
Via. Our Home is filled with Plenty of Songs, Plenty of dancing and LOTS of laughter.  These Uncomplicated-Small ribbon wands Include a touch of Beauty to our dance Events… my Small queen bees Adore swirling them, dancing Via them, and spinning as Quickly as they can Whilst waving them!

 What you need:
  1. Wooden dowel rod (size 5/16” x 12”)
  2. Screw eye
  3. Split key ring 
  4. 2 pieces of 1.5inch wide Polka Dot Ribbon, cut 5-6 feet long.
  5. Sewing supplies (or glue) for securing ribbon (see step #2 for details)
  6. 2 pieces of 1” wide ribbon, cut 5-6 feet long.
  7. (Optional… you may use Double Face Satin Ribbon (1/2 inch) or acrylic paint to cover your wooden dowel)
 Something you should prepare:
(1)Cut all four ribbon pieces to be 5-6 feet long, finishing all ribbon edges by applying fray check or heat sealing with a lighter, to keep the ribbon from unraveling.

1.) Twist the screw eye into the top of the wooden dowel rod – twisting the screw eye all the way to the base.
2.) Layer one 1”in piece of ribbon over one 1.5” piece of ribbon – loop these two pieces through the key ring – sew to secure. I sew my pieces with a tight, straight, machine stitch – you could also hand sew or hot glue to secure. Repeat this step with the two remaining pieces of ribbon.
{Note: I used yellow contrasting thread for the purpose of this tutorial…when making these for gifts, you will want to use matching thread}
3.) Link the key ring to the split eye and you ribbon-dancer-wand is ready to GO!

 (1)You can buy discount ribbon for the Tutorial,but you should select a right color ribbon.
 (2)If you make a ribbon wand using this tutorial I would LOVE to see!

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