Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make a beautiful hair accessory kit

Today i will share a awesome design for all of you!here are the steps for make a beautiful hair accessory kit,you can do it yourself,what you need is just following my steps!

What You Need:
(1)Dot Ribbon
(2)yellow grosgrain ribbon
(3)Hair Clip
(4)ribbon for bow


  1. Stick double-sided tape on the top and the bottom of 8” by 8” fabric.
  2. Attach the fabric together as shown in the picture.
  3. and then Stick double-sided tape on the sides,do this process for twice.
  4. Rotate the fabric so the folded mark becomes horizontal as shown in the picture.
  5. Make a wrinkle in the middle and fix it with a wire.
  6. After you finished the five steps above,and then Attach both ribbons together.
  7. Stick double-sided tape on the top of 6” by 2 3/8” fabric.
  8. Use it to wrap the middle of attached ribbons.
  9. Apply glue on a french barrette hair clip and attach it to the back of the ribbon.
  10. That's all,It's so easy right?  
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Making a unique necklaces with ribbon

The tutorial of personalised female parent necklaces goes to point out you ways to form this type of distinctive necklaces in hearts-linked garland pattern.
What you need:(1)Golden heart links
(2)French Ribbon
(3)1.5mm Golden alum wire
(4)Purple grosgrain ribbon
(5)Wire cutter

  1. prepare golden rings first, wrap alum wire around spherical nose as over and over as you need;2nd, interrupt the volute with edge tool and acquire golden rings.
  2. get heart links connected first, connect 2 heart links by a golden ring;2nd, repeat to induce the 7-links garland.
  3. complete the center garland jewelry first, snip 2 items of ribbon every measure 30-40cm;2nd, fold them in 0.5 severally and tie lark head knots over links at each ends.
  4. The final look is like this:Tada, the distinctive jewellery in heart garland pattern is done! If you would like your customized mammy necklaces to be abundant indie-pop vogue, we recommend you are doing with tender-colored ribbon as we have a tendency to show during this tutorial, whereas if you only need one choked with maturity and charming, silver chain may be a sensible replacement.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ribbon flower is so beautiful from Yama Ribbon

I am therefore excited! Yama Ribbon has another style Team decision and i am making an attempt out for them this time! I've participated in a very ton of their Craft Challenges and have placed within the high ten whenever, they create an excellent product with such a large amount of color and material decisions, I simply can not help myself!!

Today i am sharing a number of my favorite comes from the last year roughly that sort of sing their own praises my vogue and my skills and in fact, sing their own praises my use of vintage ribbon...most of that embrace could Arts! i am conjointly together with towards the top, a bunch of images showing a bit-by-bit tutorial of 1 of my comes.
First up is my Love Notes Tin I created for one amongst the Craft Challenges, this one uses four totally different Yama Ribbon and was such a fun project to form. All my love letters from my husband area unit tucked within here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Course:All About Wedding Veil Canopy

The main a part of the cover consists of 3 layers of silk, that were unreal in toning reminder gray and silver to enhance the room’s combination. the sides of those under-layers ar sure with red organza ribbon to carry them along, which ribbon provides a visible link to the sure edges of the veil, that was merely draped over the post supporting the cover. The result was a fine looking and romantic addition to the chamber. have you ever or another loved one got a marriage veil tucked away that may be ripe for reinvention? If not, you'll be able to obtain vintage wedding veils from specialist outlets, and infrequently they appear in charity outlets and markets.
  1. DYEING NOTES:Sue used cheap Dylon material dye, that is wide offered in street retailers, supermarkets and on-line. The water for the dye was heated to 40°C.
    • continually follow the packet directions as a result of the kind of instrumentality used (plastic or metal), or perhaps a small distinction in water temperature, will have an effect on the result.
    • Adding salt to the mixture helps the material to become a lot of porous and take the dye higher.
    • colouring material may be a real art, and with observe you'll be able to produce distinctive colors and finishes. Sue mixed 2 colors to induce the color Janine wished for her cover.
    • continually do a check on alittle quantity of cloth 1st to see that you simply ar proud of the color, and create changes as necessary. 
  2. Calculating your materials
    The veil used can be any size because it is simply draped over the post supporting the finished canopy. For underneath the veil, you need both gauzy silk tulle and slightly heavier habotai silk (often used for lining men’s jackets), plus silk ribbon for binding the visible edge of the canopy. If your budget doesn’t extend to these materials, you can use cheaper tulle, netting or other synthetics for this project, but they tend to be stiffer and therefore will not hang in the same way as natural silks. To work out how much fabric you need, start by finding the central point on the headboard, then mark how high above that point you want the canopy to hang. Measure from the high point down to the corner of the headboard, where the canopy will be tied back, then measure from there down to the floor. Add the figures together, multiply by two, and that gives the total length needed for each under-layer and the ribbon (you can add extra if you want your canopy to drape on the floor as Janine ’s does). Janine ’s bed was king-sized, so Sue used 12 metres of silk tulle (6 metres for each layer), 6 metres of habotai silk, and 6 metres of black satin ribbon.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to make a Snowflake with ribbon

Todady,my DIY sharing is a Snowflake with ribbon,here are the picture.

Do you like this awesome design?if you want to make it yourself,just join us!so i will tell you the details of the DIY process,Are you ready?

What you need:
(1)white Paper sheets
(3)black satin ribbon
(4)Paper Clip/Glue stick/carbon Pencil 
  1. Fold the sheet of paper into a triangle then Cut the exceeding piece of paper to make a perfect triangle.
  2. Fold the triangle again to make a smaller triangle and Make a cut following the length of the triangle and stop a little bit before the edge.
  3. Fold the two center cuts and glue them together. Use your finger as shown in the picture, holding the pieces together for a few seconds and allowing them to dry a bit.
  4. Turn over the square. Fold the two second cuts and glue them together. Use your finger as shown in the picture, holding the pieces together for a few seconds and allowing them to dry a bit.
  5. Glue the sides of three of the points and then glue the three ends together. Repeat this for the other three points. Then glue these two halves together.
  6. the last step is use the stripe ribbon you selected to hang the snowflake.
  • the ribbon you used: if you want it's more beautiful,you can use snowflake ribbon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to make leaf with ribbon?

Sometimes,we use silk ribbon to make a ribbon flower,in fact it's so beautiful,but do't you think it will be more awesome when you add some ribbon leaf for the flower?

Of course,it's so easy to make it,here i will share the instruction of how to make a ribbon leaf for the ribbon flower.
What you need:

(1)single faced satin ribbon
(2)Organza Ribbon


  1. Lay an uncut length of 32mm wide ribbon on your cutting table. Fold the end over so that the cut edge is even and parallel with the bottom edge of the ribbon and forms a 45° angled end. Pin the two layers of ribbon together.
  2. Deliver the other Duration of ribbon Reducing to Type a triangle. Pin the two layers of ribbon Jointly.
  3. Cut the folded length of ribbon to be parallel with the bottom edge of the ribbon.
  4. Make a Operating stitch Via Each layers of ribbon from A single bottom corner to the other. Use matching thread or embroidery floss, I Utilized a Vivid Colour for demonstration Functions. Get rid of the pins as you stitch.
  5. Collect the thread and Safe the gathered Finish with Additional stitches.Tuck the leaves Below your Completed flowers to hide the gathered Finishs.
  1. Try this instruction using the beautiful grossgrain ribbon in the ribbon online store

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to make a gathered stitch with ribbon

These days,i share some beautiful DIY ribbon crafts,today i will continue share a tutorial of making gathered stitch with ribbon,you just need follow our steps,i will tell you what you need and the step by step instructions.

What you need:
(1)Organza Ribbon
(2)double faced satin ribbon

step 1:To begin, cut your ribbons into 2” lengths.
step 2:Thread a needle with embroidery floss or sewing thread that matches the color of the decorating ribbon as closely as possible. (I used contrasting thread so you can see it).
step3:Provide the needle up from the Back again of your Material Exactly where you want your flower to be Positioned. Make a Operating stitch Straight down the Middle of the 2" Item of ribbon.
step 4:Lay the ribbon Finish that is nearest to the Material, on the Surface area of the Material and make a loop with the ribbon. Overlap the two Finishs and Provide the needle Along Via The two ribbon layers and the Material to the Back again of the Material. Lightly Take the thread so that the ribbon Types a Collect.
step 5:Tie the thread off at the back.

  1. You can decide which color you like.
  2. you can buy ribbon from yama ribbon,where you can buy wholesale ribbon with discount price and i used to buy ribbon from this site.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to DIY ruffled flowers with ribbon?

Today i will share some ideas of DIY ruffled flowers with ribbon,it's so easy to make it.if you want to do it youself,what you need is just follow our steps,so here we go!

What you need:
(2)silk ribbon


Step 1. Cut an 8” length of 32 mm double faced satin ribbon.
Step 2. Thread one end onto a large chenille needle. Take this end down through your fabric from the top leaving only about ¾” below the fabric.
Step 3. Thread a sewing needle with a 12” length of matching embroidery floss knotted at one end. Bring the floss up from the back through the ribbon tail.
Step 4. Make a running stitch using approximately ½” long stitches down the center of the ribbon stopping about 1 ½” from the end.
Step 5. Push the ribbon down along the floss toward the starting point to gather the ribbon and then twist the ribbon so the gathers aren’t sitting directly on top of each other.
Step 6. Thread the end of the ribbon onto a large chenille needle and take the ribbon end down through the fabric close to the starting point of the ribbon. Only pull about an 1” of ribbon through to the back.
Step 7. Take the floss through to the back through the ribbon and pull tightly to keep the ribbon gathered.
Step 8. Make a few stitches on the back through both ribbon ends to prevent them from pulling through to the front.  Tie off the floss and trim any excess ribbon.

(1)You can buy wholesale ribbon from With Discount price and all colors!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ribbon for decorating a Wedding ceremony

Ribbon Flowers are Important for decorating a Wedding ceremony venue. Brides Appear for Exclusive floral decorations to embellish the Wedding ceremony venue. Synthetic flowers Provide a wider Possibility to use flowers to complement the Wedding ceremony theme.

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Flowers are a Crucial CompA singlent of decorations for Specific Occasions and we Realize this Simple fact. Typically artificial flowers Offered in Nearby Stores have a degraded Good quality and So the Occasion hosts and organizers are left with only A single Alternative that is to get Organic flowers which is an High-priced Alternative. Also if your Wedding ceremony falls in an Away-Period, your Favored flowers may not be Offered Throughout that time of the Yr. Our flowers are Normally in Period and are an Inexpensive Choice to Organic flowers. We Provide flowers in Actual touch, Gentle touch, Organic touch and Floramatique and premium Artist silk flowers.

If you want A little something Totally Exclusive for your Wedding ceremony, Bloom Bridal is the Wonderful Option for you as we can Provide Custom Produced Produced floral creations assembled just for your Specific Occasion. We are the proud holder of the esteemed Wedding Cable Bride’s Choice Awards for two consecutive Yrs 2012 and 2013. These awards are solely Centered on Custom Produceder Critiques.

Our assortment of flowers Consists of plumeria Selection, orchid Selection, lily Selection, Small rodent 0f paradise, peony Selection and Wild hair flowers. In Add-on to this, we also Provide genuine pearl necklaces, Several christmas ribbon and Designs and other accents like seashells and rhinestA singles to be Additional to the bouquets for adding Much more sparkle to the Occasion.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Amazing Ribbon fabulous tutorial

Welcome to Awesome DIY Kits Blog Hop! If you you start at the beginning DIY crats today so you don't miss a single project!

For my project today, I created a mini album using ONE single sheet of double sided 12x12 paper. I wish that I could take credit for this idea because it is soooo creative and simple to make, but I scrap-lifted from my dear friend Shellye McDaniel (with her permission to re-post this fabulous tutorial). I thought a little patriotic mini would be perfect to kick off this holiday weekend!

What you will need:
(1)one 12x12 sheet of double sided pattern paper
(2)a scor-board
(4)some ribbon(organza ribbon or printed grosgrain ribbon).

  1. I chose Authentique Paper for this project because of the texture and nice thick quality. You will need to scor your paper at 3", 6", 9"
  2. Then turn your paper sideways and scor at the 6" mark.
  3. With a paper trimmer or scissors, cut your paper down the middle all the way up to the 3" mark. Be sure to leave this last little bit attached.
  4. Add scor-tape so your paper looks exactly like this. Remember, the patterned side that you want on the front and back cover should be facing you, the back side will be the pattern on your inside pages.
  5. Peel off the tape backing and fold/adhere EXACTLY as follows... be careful, this part is a little tricky:  Adhere #2 to #3. Fold down and adhere #1 to #5. Adhere #6 to #7. 
  6. Add another piece of Scor-tape to the front and back cover. 
  7. Add ribbon.i choose Yama Ribbon for this project,because the ribbon from yama,have many colors and the price is so cheap!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to stop by every blog in the hop and leave a comment for your chance to win 3 spools of your choice from Yama Ribbon and a Scor-Pal for yourself!