Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to make leaf with ribbon?

Sometimes,we use silk ribbon to make a ribbon flower,in fact it's so beautiful,but do't you think it will be more awesome when you add some ribbon leaf for the flower?

Of course,it's so easy to make it,here i will share the instruction of how to make a ribbon leaf for the ribbon flower.
What you need:

(1)single faced satin ribbon
(2)Organza Ribbon


  1. Lay an uncut length of 32mm wide ribbon on your cutting table. Fold the end over so that the cut edge is even and parallel with the bottom edge of the ribbon and forms a 45° angled end. Pin the two layers of ribbon together.
  2. Deliver the other Duration of ribbon Reducing to Type a triangle. Pin the two layers of ribbon Jointly.
  3. Cut the folded length of ribbon to be parallel with the bottom edge of the ribbon.
  4. Make a Operating stitch Via Each layers of ribbon from A single bottom corner to the other. Use matching thread or embroidery floss, I Utilized a Vivid Colour for demonstration Functions. Get rid of the pins as you stitch.
  5. Collect the thread and Safe the gathered Finish with Additional stitches.Tuck the leaves Below your Completed flowers to hide the gathered Finishs.
  1. Try this instruction using the beautiful grossgrain ribbon in the ribbon online store

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