Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something about diy wedding bouquet with ribbon

 What you need:
  1. white roses
  2. single face satin ribbon
  3. tree fern

Action 1
Consider your Primary rose and a Item of tree fern and Location them so that they are Quite even but that the tree fern goes Previous the rose a Tad.

Action 2
Include One more rose and your first Item of Little one’s Inhale. Tape all Items firmly
Collectively, about 2 to 3 inches Near to the Best of the rose’s fower Mind.

Action 3
Include One more rose and One more Item of tree fern. Tape your new additions
Collectively with the first grouping.

Action 4
Maintain Includeing roses and other Elements by taping them to the Relaxation of the bouquet. Often tape Near to the Best of the bouquet and Protected frmly. Only the Best 50 percent of the stems Need to be taped, the bottom Finish Need to be left naked.

Action 5
When you have Additional all your foral Supplies to compose your diy Wedding party bouquet, it’s time to fnish it. The frst Alternative is to Produce a frill all Close to your bouquet by Includeing One more Kind of foliage as a frill all Close to your bouquet.Leather-based leaf or palm is a Very good Type of foliage for this Kind of fnishing touch.

Placing the foliage all Close to will Permit you to Maintain or Show your bouquet
Directly and it will be Fairly from all angles. If you Favor to Maintain your bouquet as an arm bouquet draped More than your arm, Include the leather leaf or the palm on 1 Part only.In fact,the ribbon you used,you can select a big brand of wholesale ribbon.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to make a DIY wand with ribbon?

As you May well know, I am the proud mumma of two Quite Humorous, Quite loving, Quite GIRLY Small girls!My Small Adores are 2 and 4 and the Globe is their playground! My hubs and I  Attempt to surround our girls with JOY – we Think that Lifestyle (Specially childhood) Really should be enjoyed, not rushed
Via. Our Home is filled with Plenty of Songs, Plenty of dancing and LOTS of laughter.  These Uncomplicated-Small ribbon wands Include a touch of Beauty to our dance Events… my Small queen bees Adore swirling them, dancing Via them, and spinning as Quickly as they can Whilst waving them!

 What you need:
  1. Wooden dowel rod (size 5/16” x 12”)
  2. Screw eye
  3. Split key ring 
  4. 2 pieces of 1.5inch wide Polka Dot Ribbon, cut 5-6 feet long.
  5. Sewing supplies (or glue) for securing ribbon (see step #2 for details)
  6. 2 pieces of 1” wide ribbon, cut 5-6 feet long.
  7. (Optional… you may use Double Face Satin Ribbon (1/2 inch) or acrylic paint to cover your wooden dowel)
 Something you should prepare:
(1)Cut all four ribbon pieces to be 5-6 feet long, finishing all ribbon edges by applying fray check or heat sealing with a lighter, to keep the ribbon from unraveling.

1.) Twist the screw eye into the top of the wooden dowel rod – twisting the screw eye all the way to the base.
2.) Layer one 1”in piece of ribbon over one 1.5” piece of ribbon – loop these two pieces through the key ring – sew to secure. I sew my pieces with a tight, straight, machine stitch – you could also hand sew or hot glue to secure. Repeat this step with the two remaining pieces of ribbon.
{Note: I used yellow contrasting thread for the purpose of this tutorial…when making these for gifts, you will want to use matching thread}
3.) Link the key ring to the split eye and you ribbon-dancer-wand is ready to GO!

 (1)You can buy discount ribbon for the Tutorial,but you should select a right color ribbon.
 (2)If you make a ribbon wand using this tutorial I would LOVE to see!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Great Idea of Making Ribbon Flower

Do you know how to make a cute ribbon flower,today is the twentith day in may,do you know what mean in chinese?it's means i love you because 520 sounds i love you in chinese!so today  is a big day for the couples,right?
Do you want make a flower for you wife(or husband),Let's started!


(1)double side satin ribbon (I used 1 1/2" width w/ the wire-lined edges- it stays in place better) OR 44"/45" fabric (I used custom color ribbon).

(2)coordinating thread -needle -buttons, beads, (or you can just use thread), to use as embellishment

(1)Thread your needle and tie a knot at one end. Put aside to be used for later.

(2)For Ribbon:
Cut about 22"-24" of satin ribbon from your spool.

(3)For Fabric:
Fold fabric in half, selvage to selvage. After squaring up your fabric , cut a 1 1/2" wide strip.

(4)Continue holding the pleat against the edge of the ribbon/fabric with one hand. This will be the center of the flower. Continuing making new pleats towards the center while holding the existing pleats together:

(5)Continue this process until you reach the starting point:

(6)Begin a new row on top of the first row, while continuing to hold the ribbon/fabric together at the center. Pleat until you can pleat no more!, or until you have reached the end of the ribbon/fabric:

(7)Collect the threaded ribbon and sew through the middle of the flower, making close, small stitches:

(8)Make sure the flower stays together without having to hold it.
(9)To make petals (as I did with my shoe flowers), I just used a small pair of scissors to cut petal shapes into the fabric.  I also sewed a glass-like button to the middle of the flower.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Way of Making a Ribbon Heart Decoration

Generating a ribbon Center decoration Often Demands you to Maintain a Number of Important Elements in Thoughts. Make a ribbon Center decoration with Assist from a longtime crafts Professional in this Zero cost Movie clip.

Hi, I'm Holly Silva, and I've been a crafts Specialist for fifteen Many years. And Nowadays, I'm Heading to Display you how to make a ribbon Center decoration. Now, Right here I have a Center that I Minimize out of a Item of Design Cardstock. And I'm Heading to ConPartr this Definitely Awesome, Quite ribbon that I have, it's double Partd, it's satiny and it's netty and its Superb. And I'm Heading o ConPartr this ribbon and I'm Heading to Choose what I'm Heading to do with it. Allow's make it fluffy, we're just Heading to make these like, Quite, Quite ribbon Forms all More than the Spot. You know what a ribbon Form is. So, we're Heading to ConPartr our double stick tape, our trusty, Outdated double stick tape, and we're Heading to Placed it Every singlewRight here. Just Heading Close to Every single Part of the Center, Every single inch, tRight here we go. EverywRight here that you want a Tiny ribbon Form, a Tiny poofy ribbon Form, or bend or fOutdated, What ever you want to Ph1 call it. That is wRight here we're Heading to Placed the tape. O.k., so, we want an Additional 1 Perfect tRight here, and it'll be Right here, and tRight here and Right here, the upPart.

O.k.,now, we're Heading to ConPartr our Star Ribbon, and we're Heading to strategiPh1 cally Spot it Close to the Center, fOutdateding and bending it any which way to
give it some texture. That was just a stray Item, that we're Heading to Carry on Right here at the Best.

And we're Heading to loop it More than Right here, we're Heading to hide that by Heading Below tRight here, and tRight here. And you're just Heading to loop it all More than the Spot, like that. Don't Believe I forgot the Back again corner, For the reason that I didn't, and tRight here. AlPerfect, now that we've d1 that, Perhaps Minimize like a Quite Borders. And then, ConPartr the other Borders, and with this, we're Heading to Spot as A good deal of the Solid Ribbon that we can, on this 1 Item of tape. Just make this Additional Awesome, Tiny Style up Right here. And that is how to make a ribbon Center decoration. See you Up coming time.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Ideas:Green Button Mum Flower Girl Pomanders

Today we'll back with step-by-step instructions on how to create a matching pomander for your flower girl.

  1. 2 inch diameter artificial foam ball 
  2. clippers
  3. 1 yd. of ½ in. grosgrain ribbon
  4. Black boutonniere pins
  5. Green button mums

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: You must secure the ribbon first. Cut enough to create a handle and fit around the ball. Pin together the ends of the ribbon.

Step 3: Pin the ribbon to the “equator” of the ball.

Step 4: Use the clippers to cut off the blooms, leaving no stem. Next, push a pin through the center of each mum.

Step 5:Twist the Halloween Ribbon to Produce the Manage loop, pin Via the knot to Protected. Attach Each and every bloom into the foam. Begin at the Center of the ball and Perform your way Close to to sides. Include mums to fill in the Surface area of the ball. Stagger the blooms so that all of the gaps are filled and the foam and ribbon are Entirely Unknown.

Step 6: Test the handle to make sure it is secure and centered.

Step 7:  Tie a Little bow at the Bottom of the ribbon Take care of and Protected it with pins Via the knot into the foam. Double Examine that the pins are in Location and no Factors are poking out. Suspend the pomander on a hanger to Refrain from bruising the blooms Till Prepared for use.

(1)the ribbon what you need,you can use custom color ribbon

Monday, May 13, 2013

How to make Braided Ribbon Barrettes?

Braided ribbon barrettes, Common Throughout the 1980s, are a Enjoyable and Enjoyablectional Frizzy hair accessory. These barrettes Really Maintain your Frizzy hair in Spot, In contrast to Frizzy hair Comp1nts that are Simply for decoration. Braided ribbon barrettes are not Huge and bulky like the Vast majority of Frizzy hair Comp1nts Throughout the '80s, so they are Correct for all age groups. If make them Your self, you can Pick the Colours and have 1 for Each outfit.

What you need:
(1)2" double bar barette
(2)2 yards 1/8"satin ribbon (1 yard per color)
(3)Glitter or beads (optional)

  1. Middle the two ribbons at the Best of the barrette with A single More than the other. They will Each Display Similarly, so don't Be concerned about which is on Best.
  2. Holding both pieces, fold the right side of ribbon over the barrette and through the center to the other side. Fold the left side toward the right, over the first bar and through the center.
  3. Carry on braiding the ribbons Via the barrette Till you Accomplish the bottom. Thread the Final ribbon Via tightly, leaving all the streamers on 1 Part.
  4. Total the ribbon with some glitter or beads at the bottom of the ribbon for Added pizzaz.
Tips & Warnings
  (1)Place a small dab of clear fabric glue at the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
  (2)You can buy personalized ribbon for use!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ribbon Birthday Crown is So Cute,Right?

 Do you like make a special gift for your son or daughter,in fact,Ribbon Birthday Crown is a better choice,you can do it yourself if you follow the following Instructions.

What you need: 
(1)Halloween Ribbon
(2)dot ribbon


1.Design and style the Special birthday crown. Making use of the Colours that you have Chosen for the crown, Spot the ribbons on a table in alternating Durations and Colours to get RecommFinishations for a desirable design. Attempt Numerous Plans Right up until you Come across a crown design that Appears Eye-catching.

2.Sizing the crown. Reduce the belt to Type the Bottom of the crown. You will dispose of the belt buckle so Gauge from the opposite Finish of the belt to make the Bottom Roughly 18 inches in Duration for Kids and 22 inches for adults. Warm glue the Finishs of the belt to make the Correct sized crown with the belt holes at the rear of the crown.

3.Form ribbon strands. Reduce narrow star ribbon to 8 and 10 inch strand Durations. You Could possibly use Directly or curly ribbon and a Mixture of these adds Eye-catching texture to the Special birthday crown. Thread the ribbon strands Via the belt holes so they will stream Comfortably from the Back again of the Special birthday crown.

4.Weave ribbon Close to the crown Bottom. Wind the ribbon with 1 1/4 inch width Close to the belt to Include the Bottom Totally. Be Cautious to wind weave the ribbon at the Back again of the crown so the ribbon strands swing freely.

5.Include Last decorative touches to the Special birthday crown. Attach gems and sequin decorations to the Special birthday crown. On the Entrance of the crown Room gems in an Eye-catching design and attach. You Could possibly want to add a touch of hot glue to assure that the gems Remain in Spot Via the Game titles and Perform that accompany Special birthday Events. Following placing gems on the crown Entrance, add sequin decorations Among the gems and Close to Each sides of the crown. In the rear of the crown, Spot sequins as Required to Include any Subjected belt and to Safe the threaded the ribbon strands. Include touches of hot glue as Required.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY ideas:Cute Things to Make With Ribbon for Girls

It's craft time and you have a drawer of ribbon lying Close to, leftover from Xmas giftwrapping and Earlier craft Tasks. Use this Halloween Ribbon to Produce cute Points for girls. Don't just restrict Your self to your Strategies, Permit the girls to Include new Strategies or Alter Present Types. Occasionally, the Ingenuity of Kids Permits for new possibilities.


    Make Sweet ribbon Frizzy hairbows (This sort of as cheerleaders Set on) out of a spool of Bridal Ribbon. To curl the ribbons, wrap polyester ribbon tightly All around a Tiny Solid wood dowel, and High temperature in an oven
at 275 Levels for 15 Mins, Matching to the Bear Cottage. When High temperatureing, Spot the ribbons in the Middle of the oven, wrapped loosely in aluminum foil. Look at the ribbon, to Avoid More thanHigh temperatureing. Get rid of the ribbon from the oven, Permit to Awesome and remove the ribbon from the Solid wood dowel. Knot A variety of Sizes of the curled ribbons With Each and every other in the Middle of Each and every Size to Generate a Frizzy hairbow. Glue With Each and every other with Warm glue and attach to a Frizzy hair barrette.

Decorative Cell

    Set With Each and every other a decorative Vintage Ribbon mobile to Hang up More than your Lady’s Mattress or Around a window, Pursuing Directions on the Prudent Child Site. Minimize 8 Distinctive Sizes of twine, Each and every 1 inch shorter than the Final, Commencing with 15 inches. Tie Basic bows into 8 Distinctively
Coloured Items of ribbons. Attach Each and every bow to the Finish of a Size of twine Applying a Warm glue gun or by tying the twine into the bow's knot. Attach the other Finish of Each and every Item of twine to a circular stretcher Body (Accessible at Fine art Provide Shops) by tying the twine All around the Body. Hang All around the Lady's Mattressroom.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ribbon Badges is So Easy for DIY!

Do you love DIY?if you're the DIY fans,this post is useful for you,what you do is just follow the Instructions,So Here we go!

 <1>Grosgrain Ribbon
 <2> a glitter-paint pen
  1. Cut 1 foot of 2-inch-wide ribbon.
  2. Thread a needle and tie a knot in the Finish. Lay the ribbon on a flat Surface area with the Lengthy Borders facing you. Insert the needle on the Best Aspect of the ribbon Close to the bottom from Back again to Entrance.
    Insert the needle in the Best of the ribbon about 1-50 percent inch to the left. Carry on Creating Lengthy basting stitches about 1-50 percent inch apart from Entrance to Back again Lower the Duration of the ribbon to the
  3. Pull the thread gently after you reach the end of the ribbon on the left to make gathers in the ribbon. Curl the two ends of the gathered ribbon together to form a circle.
  4. Metal the Middle of the circle Close to the thread Collection flat with the Suggestion of an iron so the badge holds its Condition. Fold Each Reduce Borderss Below the Initial Collect so they are not Observed. Lay the Proper
    Borders on Best of the left Borders and sew A single stitch Via the folded layers from Entrance to Back again. You will sew this stitch Via 4 layers of ribbon. Turn the badge More than and tie the thread Away in a knot. Cut Away any Extra thread.
  5. Cut 1 foot of 1-inch-wide ribbon and form the center of the badge following Steps 2 through 4.
  6. Lay the 2-inch-wide ribbon badge part on a piece of cardboard. Trace around the outer edge with a pencil. Cut out the cardboard circle.
  7. Apply hot glue on the cardboard circle and press the 2-inch-wide ribbon onto the circle. Center the 1-inch-wide ribbon circle in the middle of the opening of the 2-inch-wide ribbon and hot glue it in place.
  8. Cut 2 inches of the 2 inch wide ribbon and hot glue it over a button to cover it. Put hot glue on the back of the button and press it into the center of the 1-inch-wide ribbon layer to cover the opening.
  9. Cut three pieces of 1-inch-wide and 2-inch-wide ribbon 6 inches long. Center each 1-inch-wide ribbon piece on each 2-inch-wide ribbon piece on the back of the cardboard circle and staple them to the cardboard near the bottom of the circle.
  10. Hot glue the flat side of a metal badge pin in the back center of the cardboard so the badge can be pinned on clothing.
  11. Write the person’s name and accomplishment on the ribbons hanging down from the back with a glitter-paint pen.
 Tips & Warnings:

 1. You can use different colors of ribbon as you want,and you can buy discount ribbon from Yama Ribbon.
 2. This size and amount of ribbon makes a badge that measures approximately 4 inches wide.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Way of Making Beautiful Satin Ribbon Stiff

Ribbons are Employed for Every Tiny thing from dressing up a lampshade to Producing a bow on a Package deal to accessorizing a Tiny Lady's ponytail. Some ribbon, This kind of as Cable and grosgrain, Remains stiff when tied; Having said that, satin ribbon, which is Gentle and flimsy, Necessities Aid if you want it to Remain taut.

What you need:
<1>Grosgrain Ribbon
<2>Hair spray
1.Lay newspaper Right down on an even Surface area.

2.Spot the ribbon(s) onto the newspaper. Straighten and smooth out the ribbon.

3.Spray the Locks spray 6 inches APart from the ribbon, Beginning at the Best and spraying evenly toward the bottom. Enable to Dried out for 5 Mins. Flip the ribbon More than and spray the Back again the Exact way. Wait around 15 Mins.

4.Spray the ribbon-stiffening spray 6 inches from the ribbon, Commencing at the Best and spraying to the bottom. Turn the Locks Dried outer to Lower heat and Dried out the ribbon evenly for 5 seconds. Wait around 3 Mins. Turn More than the ribbon. Repeat on the other Part.


    1.Metal the organza ribbon Prior to spraying if you Observe bumps or creases.

    2.Clip APart frayed ends with a scissors.

    3.Use Numerous coats of stiffening agent for A lot more stiffness.

    4.Scrub the ribbon with Cleaning soap and Cozy Drinking water to Begin More than.
    5.You can Buy Ribbon Online,and i buy all the discount ribbon from Yama!

    <1>Hair spray or stiffening spray will make Surface areas Immediately sticky. Shield counters and floors.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The way of making Ribbon Roses

Ribbon can be Employed to Produce roses in Many Methods, from intricate and Complex to Easy and Fundamental. Wrapping a Number of inches of grosgrain ribbon Close to a chenille stem and securing with a Tiny glue is a Easy way to Produce a rosebud. To Produce a Much more Sophisticated rose, you can fold and twist
silk ribbon as you wrap it Close to By itself. For the reason that ribbon is Out there in so Quite a few widths, Materials and Colours, the roses you Produce are Restricted only by your imagination.


  1. Knot 1 Finish of the ribbon and Draw tightly. This knot will be the rose's Middle, Offering an anchor for the ribbon and Stopping the Cable from dislodging Totally.
  2. Pull the Cable Lightly from 1 Part of the ribbon. This will Produce a pucker in the cheap ribbon. Slowly Draw the Cable, tightly gathering the ribbon on 1 Part.
  3. Insert the pencil's Stage into the knot. Wrap the ribbon Close to the pencil. The gathered Part of the ribbon Must Relaxation along the bottom of the knot. If you Drawed As well Significantly of the Cable out in the
    Earlier Action, you won't have Sufficient ribbon to wrap. Repair this by redistributing the ribbon's Material along some of the Cable, ensuring that the retail packing ribbons are Even now gathered.
  4. Pinch the Bottom of the rose with two fingers and Eliminate the pencil. The ribbon Must Start looking Much more like a rose now.
  5. Grasp the Middle of the rose with the needle-nose pliers and, Although Even now pinching the rose's Bottom with your other hand, twist the pliers to tighten the rose's twist.
  6. Wrap the Cable that extFinishs from the ribbon Close to the Bottom of the rose to Protected it and Retain its Form.
  7. Adjust the ribbon by flattening the ribbon and crinkling the Part that Even now Consists of Cable to Form the petals.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to make the easiest ribbon bow

I have Produced 100’s of these bows Manufacturing-Collection Design when I worked in Retail store Show.There is also a Macy’s bow that I have Produced 100′s of also.
This bow is stapled Jointly with the variation of tying when you are Utilizing Gentle ribbon. The stiffer the ribbon the A lot more poufy the bow will be. I Utilized satin ribbon so the loops Gentlely Tumble to the sides of the bow. This mirror hangs in my foyer. It is just two Older window sashes A single hung above the other and a Item of decorative mOldering on the Best.  I Changed  the Translucent glass with mirror panes.

I looped ribbon Close to A single of the snowflakes I Purchased at US Toys to use as Location mats for my Vacation table setting, and wired it to the Back again of the knot on the bow to attach.  I Utilized a dot of Warm glue on the Back again of the bow to attach it to the mirror.

What You Need:

1.Ribbon- cut into 3 sections – loop, tail, and knot.  For my bow I cut the loop –24”  tail – 30”   knot – 6”and all of my materials I found it at Yama Ribbon(Of course,you can buy ribbon online)

1.  Fold loop section in half.

2. Fold over again as shown and staple in the center to create the loops for the bow.

3. It should look like this. Set aside.

4. Find the center of the tail section, fold over and staple.

5. Making sure right sides of ribbon are facing front.  Match up the staples on the tail and loop sections and staple them together.

6.   Lay the knot section underneath and fold one edge over.

7.  Tuck the raw edge under the folded edge, overlap to fit snugly and staple twice.   If you have one of those little staplers – you can slide the stapler right in between the knot section and the loop and tail section so the staple will lay flat. 

I rummaged through all my junk drawers and could not find one, so I had to staple on the outer edge of the ribbon because the bottom section of the stapler would not wedge under the fashion ribbon. It works, but the ribbon edges are raised up when they should be overlapping and then stapled.

Fluff the loops with your fingers.  All done!  This French Ribbon is 2 1/2 inches wide and the knot comes out a bit too wide for my liking. 

It's so easy,Right?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The way of creating a beautiful bow with ribbon

Do you want creating a beautiful bow for the holidays or special occasions? of course,you can make it much easier and faster than you think, all thanks to Organza Ribbon are produced using 100% high quality nylon. Yama Organza Ribbon provides a personal touch of elegance to any gift, handcrafts, wedding favor, special invitation and other decoration, gift wrap and much more. Plus, it holds its shape and is durable enough for outdoor decorating.

This Christmas bow uses a brand new product - 10 inch wide silk ribbon and Christmas Ribbon, which comes in many colors, patterns and finishes.

We used the Metallic Red/Lime Stripe roll. The only other supplies you will need are scissors and some craft wire or 2 pipe cleaners.

1. Form a loop at the end of the roll of 10 inch mesh. The first and center loop should be the smallest; this one is around 2 inches in diameter. Gather the loop into one hand, holding the bunched mesh between your thumb and index finger.
2. Make a second loop by bunching about a 9" length of mesh and bringing it to your other hand that is holding the loops of mesh. Try folding as you gather the mesh for a full look.
3. Repeat 3 more times. Continue making loops, going back and forth from both sides of your initial center loop. Each set of new loops should be larger than the previous ones you made. It really helps to have one hand hold the bow and the other gathering and forming loops.

4.Secure the bow by threading craft wire or a pipe cleaner through the loops you have been holding. Twist the wire tightly several times. Now you can trim the mesh.
5.For the bow tails, cut about a 3' length of the same 10" mesh. Start rolling it at the middle. This helps the mesh look fuller for the tails.
6.Attach the tails at the rolled center to the bow, going around where you secured the bow with wire. Use a pipe cleaner or craft wire to do this.
  Now your bow is finished!
Many other colors and patterns are available in the 10 inch deco mesh so you can create a bow for any occasion.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the size of the loops and the number of loops on your bow!

Browse our blog for other great tutorials using DIY Ribbon. All of the supplies used in this tutorial and other ribbon products are available at

How to use sweater for DIY?

This Challenge I contributed to Snippets Newspaper: The New York Concern on Reduce Out + Maintain Back again in 2010, and am re-posting Right here on my Weblog.
Declare your Adore for the Huge Apple!  Consider that shirt Displaying genuine NYC pride and remake it into a Fashionable totebag. LOVE is in the Particulars! Here’s how to make your Personal:
    Tape Measure  /  Chalk  / Sewing Machine Needle for knits  /  Scissors  / Pin(s)  /  Serger /Dot Ribbon (optional)

1. Lay your shirt flat and cut a square out of it, through both layers. Cut as close as you can to the neck ribbing and the armscye seams so you can get the largest square possible from one tee.
2. Pin the Rectangular pieces, Correct sides Collectively, at the sides and the bottom.

3. Sew the sides and bottom Collectively. Do not pivot at the bottom corners; Rather Circular them Away (this Tiny trick will be a lifesaver if you Actually spill any Little objects in the bag; this also prevents Dirt and dirt from collecting in the corners).2. Pin the Rectangular pieces, Correct sides Collectively, at the sides and the bottom.
4. If you have an overlocker or serger, overcast the raw edges at the top to prevent unraveling; if not, use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.  Fold under about 3/4″ and sew down to create the finished top to the bag.
5.  Measure about 1 3/8″ up from the upper line of stitching on the t-shirt’s remaining hem piece(in fact,you can use Double Face Satin Ribbon or spring ribbon), and mark. Make another mark at the same place at the other side of the hem piece.

6. Cut straight across.

7. Fold the raw edge of the hem piece under itself and sew it down, matching the stitching line of the hem. This will become the handles for the bag.
8. Cut the hem piece into two pieces.Pin each piece to the underside of the top part of your tote.

9. Fold the end of each piece under just prior to sewing it for added strength.
10. Sew around the edge of the handles, making a square with an “X” through it. This is an exceptionally strong stitch, used commonly for tote handles, and can withstand a lot of stress. 

Because the bag is Created of Extendy knit Material, it will conform to the Form of what’s Within, and can Extend if you Fill it up As well heavy. You can slip a Item of canvas or some other Powerful woven Within Close to to bottom to Avoid this – Usually, hang from your shoulder and declare your Adore for the Huge Apple!

Happy DIYing!


Yama Ribbon