Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Way of Making Beautiful Satin Ribbon Stiff

Ribbons are Employed for Every Tiny thing from dressing up a lampshade to Producing a bow on a Package deal to accessorizing a Tiny Lady's ponytail. Some ribbon, This kind of as Cable and grosgrain, Remains stiff when tied; Having said that, satin ribbon, which is Gentle and flimsy, Necessities Aid if you want it to Remain taut.

What you need:
<1>Grosgrain Ribbon
<2>Hair spray
1.Lay newspaper Right down on an even Surface area.

2.Spot the ribbon(s) onto the newspaper. Straighten and smooth out the ribbon.

3.Spray the Locks spray 6 inches APart from the ribbon, Beginning at the Best and spraying evenly toward the bottom. Enable to Dried out for 5 Mins. Flip the ribbon More than and spray the Back again the Exact way. Wait around 15 Mins.

4.Spray the ribbon-stiffening spray 6 inches from the ribbon, Commencing at the Best and spraying to the bottom. Turn the Locks Dried outer to Lower heat and Dried out the ribbon evenly for 5 seconds. Wait around 3 Mins. Turn More than the ribbon. Repeat on the other Part.


    1.Metal the organza ribbon Prior to spraying if you Observe bumps or creases.

    2.Clip APart frayed ends with a scissors.

    3.Use Numerous coats of stiffening agent for A lot more stiffness.

    4.Scrub the ribbon with Cleaning soap and Cozy Drinking water to Begin More than.
    5.You can Buy Ribbon Online,and i buy all the discount ribbon from Yama!

    <1>Hair spray or stiffening spray will make Surface areas Immediately sticky. Shield counters and floors.

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