Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips for Making Custom Thanksgiving Cards

Making Thanksgiving cards doesn't have to be difficult if you keep in mind a few basic card making tips:
  1. To make the method easier on yourself, do not attempt to produce 20-30 cards in one evening. enable yourself lots of time to urge the project finished.
  2. If you have got the area, build associate "assembly line" with all the provides you wish to create your cards arranged  get into a piecemeal fashion.
  3. whereas many folks do prefer to purchase pre-made envelopes for his or her cards, you'll economize by creating your own envelopes from the paper of your selection. LoveToKnow artistic production has a simple envelope tutorial that shows you ways.
  4. do not fret if your cards are not all 100 percent good. hand-crafted cards with some quirks square measure simply that rather more charming!
  5. Use some beautiful materials such as ribbon like this: for your crafting project.
 That's all the tips i want to share,thanks your guys!