Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snowman Christmas greeting card

Christmas cards in the magnitude and extent of the elements though Christmas has been constantly undergoing change, but we are familiar with some of the common elements of Christmas actually change are not particularly large. share many printable Christmas cards will appear in the production of Christmas snowman or Christmas tree or something. Here we recommend a new Christmas card, which is characterized by a Christmas snowman and Christmas tree showing the effect of the combination together. past have recommended a similar greeting patterned design. However, a strong sense of some of the prevailing pattern of realism, making greeting cards design effect here is more emphasis on feeling and cute cartoon feel, the actual effect is indeed the case.
We take a closer look today to share this Christmas greeting card with a snowman and Christmas tree how kind of features. Christmas cards can be noted that the overall pattern of feeling is still very good, with a snowman and Christmas tree elements are two important key elements, and these two elements were arranged so. Cartoon stick figure style pattern configuration in terms of Christmas cards is to increase the fun and sense of humor. For the right of the three tree placement and combination also enhances our Christmas card artwork for a sense of understanding and awareness. All in all a fairly good Christmas card.

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Anyway, hope you like this card. I'd like to enter it into the following challenges:

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Where can i buy cheap ribbon?

Just like all the crafting lover, we need lots of diy materials for our crafting project. What the right way to get cheap but high quality diy materials?

I am gonna to share some useful methods that you can get high quality scrapbooking supplies such as scrapbook paper and ribbons with discount wholesale price.

(1)Buy these scrapbook supplies from a famous brand supplier,you can wholesale ribbon or other diy materials from the manufacturer's website. Take me for example, i used to buy cheap ribbon from Yama and place a order from their offical online shop: You can have a try!

(2)You can buy cheap diy materials from distributors with reasonable price,it's easy to make a deal to get what you want.if you want find grosgrain ribbon supplier, you can have a try with this site:

(3)Buy cheap diy materials from the chinese biggest retail shop,such as

(4)Search supplier from google or yellow page, so that you can contact with the supplier yourself!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Country style Scrapbook

Country style retro things are quietly popular, like this style of foreign students can observe about the pastoral style retro DIY handmade scrapbook of people, materials selection and application is a crucial step. There are flowers on the grass as well as accessories, butterflies and ladybugs, it is really very hard.
In fact,it's easy to make it! What you need is just buy some cheap scrapbook supplies and follow the following steps.

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That's all!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scrapbooking is so popular

Do you know how to make a handmade scrapbook? In fact, It's so easy! Today, i am gonna to share some beautiful scrapbooks for all you guys.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips for Making Custom Thanksgiving Cards

Making Thanksgiving cards doesn't have to be difficult if you keep in mind a few basic card making tips:
  1. To make the method easier on yourself, do not attempt to produce 20-30 cards in one evening. enable yourself lots of time to urge the project finished.
  2. If you have got the area, build associate "assembly line" with all the provides you wish to create your cards arranged  get into a piecemeal fashion.
  3. whereas many folks do prefer to purchase pre-made envelopes for his or her cards, you'll economize by creating your own envelopes from the paper of your selection. LoveToKnow artistic production has a simple envelope tutorial that shows you ways.
  4. do not fret if your cards are not all 100 percent good. hand-crafted cards with some quirks square measure simply that rather more charming!
  5. Use some beautiful materials such as ribbon like this: for your crafting project.
 That's all the tips i want to share,thanks your guys!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Christmas Card is so important in christmas day

Do you know what is the best Christmas gift in christmas day? and sustenance of people's thoughts of love it, I believe a great choice is a Christmas card! You know the world's first Christmas card is how did you? Then in 1842 by a British missionary force of governance Po handmade, that time can be no Christmas cards and Christmas cards picture material, everything had to ourselves! Po force rule on a card, carefully drawing down the nativity scene when, but also did not forget to leave your own hand written Christmas greetings: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year safely! Beautiful and full of warmth a world's first Christmas card was born! Today, here, we have a wealth of handmade Christmas cards produced guides, and comes with a varied picture Christmas cards and Christmas greeting card material, plus a selection of Christmas greetings this Christmas, you will become the Christmas greeting card Best Christmas gift amount.

There are many things you should know, the first thing you should know is how to select a good DIY tutorial and the other thing you should prepare is some beautiful DIY materials.  

I love making ribbon carft in holidays, and in fact it is easy to make it. some years ago, i come across found a ribbon brand in web, and i used it for my DIY project. and then i love this ribbon brand-- Yama Ribbon.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY christmas card tutorial for share

Christmas cards at all times regardless of irreplaceable best Christmas gift because Christmas card itself is relatively simple, unlike the Christmas gift that had to burn brain ready for Christmas cards, as long as ready for their blessings language to OK it. This by Canon launched a free three-dimensional Christmas cards gave us about handmade DIY Christmas cards more choices. After all, sometimes still want to be able to produce and sell Christmas cards out of business Christmas cards can be comparable, and this teddy bear Christmas cards can definitely achieve this effect.
What you need:
(1)christmas parper
(3)cheap christmas ribbon
(4)red ribbon

  1. In the specific production process, this is the most critical part of the Teddy Bear Christmas cards assembled, making teddy bears can be freely opened and closed with the greeting card activities. Here all the cards first variable structure tailoring down. Then the first part of the structure of the folded sufficiently so that it can be folded freedom. And the upper green dot where the two rectangular areas with white latex paste, making it fixed. While marked (2) of section also pasted into (a) section above. Note that some of the activities of the folded portion can be fully pre-folded, thus facilitating the ultimate Christmas card pasted to the inside can be free after the sheets together with the greeting card is opened or closed.
  2. Then the (6) No. Structural paste into making a good step in front of the structure above, and then paste it into (7) No structure that is the main Christmas greeting card body top. Note the location of the icon in the paste have been marked with a red dot out, according to specific locations marked for folding and pasting can be.
  3. This time speaking (3) No part of the overall model is also performed on the paste, note that when the paste teddy bear's body is actually a cross with its arms full attention to this point. Meanwhile the body above the crease where the folding process also, making teddy bears ultimate in Christmas cards when you can open a free open body.
  4. First teddy bear's head (5) paste (4) No structure above. Then this combination a good structure and then paste it into the front of the main step in making a good Christmas cards at the end that (4) No. rectangular structure is to be placed behind the teddy bear to go, put in front may revealed the secret. While the other part is illustrated in accordance with the origin and arrows, it can be pasted. Teddy Bear Christmas cards this time have the freedom to open and close and see their freedom of movement in the structure above it.