Monday, May 5, 2014

Where can i buy cheap ribbon?

Just like all the crafting lover, we need lots of diy materials for our crafting project. What the right way to get cheap but high quality diy materials?

I am gonna to share some useful methods that you can get high quality scrapbooking supplies such as scrapbook paper and ribbons with discount wholesale price.

(1)Buy these scrapbook supplies from a famous brand supplier,you can wholesale ribbon or other diy materials from the manufacturer's website. Take me for example, i used to buy cheap ribbon from Yama and place a order from their offical online shop: You can have a try!

(2)You can buy cheap diy materials from distributors with reasonable price,it's easy to make a deal to get what you want.if you want find grosgrain ribbon supplier, you can have a try with this site:

(3)Buy cheap diy materials from the chinese biggest retail shop,such as

(4)Search supplier from google or yellow page, so that you can contact with the supplier yourself!

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