Monday, May 13, 2013

How to make Braided Ribbon Barrettes?

Braided ribbon barrettes, Common Throughout the 1980s, are a Enjoyable and Enjoyablectional Frizzy hair accessory. These barrettes Really Maintain your Frizzy hair in Spot, In contrast to Frizzy hair Comp1nts that are Simply for decoration. Braided ribbon barrettes are not Huge and bulky like the Vast majority of Frizzy hair Comp1nts Throughout the '80s, so they are Correct for all age groups. If make them Your self, you can Pick the Colours and have 1 for Each outfit.

What you need:
(1)2" double bar barette
(2)2 yards 1/8"satin ribbon (1 yard per color)
(3)Glitter or beads (optional)

  1. Middle the two ribbons at the Best of the barrette with A single More than the other. They will Each Display Similarly, so don't Be concerned about which is on Best.
  2. Holding both pieces, fold the right side of ribbon over the barrette and through the center to the other side. Fold the left side toward the right, over the first bar and through the center.
  3. Carry on braiding the ribbons Via the barrette Till you Accomplish the bottom. Thread the Final ribbon Via tightly, leaving all the streamers on 1 Part.
  4. Total the ribbon with some glitter or beads at the bottom of the ribbon for Added pizzaz.
Tips & Warnings
  (1)Place a small dab of clear fabric glue at the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
  (2)You can buy personalized ribbon for use!

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