Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to make a gathered stitch with ribbon

These days,i share some beautiful DIY ribbon crafts,today i will continue share a tutorial of making gathered stitch with ribbon,you just need follow our steps,i will tell you what you need and the step by step instructions.

What you need:
(1)Organza Ribbon
(2)double faced satin ribbon

step 1:To begin, cut your ribbons into 2” lengths.
step 2:Thread a needle with embroidery floss or sewing thread that matches the color of the decorating ribbon as closely as possible. (I used contrasting thread so you can see it).
step3:Provide the needle up from the Back again of your Material Exactly where you want your flower to be Positioned. Make a Operating stitch Straight down the Middle of the 2" Item of ribbon.
step 4:Lay the ribbon Finish that is nearest to the Material, on the Surface area of the Material and make a loop with the ribbon. Overlap the two Finishs and Provide the needle Along Via The two ribbon layers and the Material to the Back again of the Material. Lightly Take the thread so that the ribbon Types a Collect.
step 5:Tie the thread off at the back.

  1. You can decide which color you like.
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