Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to DIY ruffled flowers with ribbon?

Today i will share some ideas of DIY ruffled flowers with ribbon,it's so easy to make it.if you want to do it youself,what you need is just follow our steps,so here we go!

What you need:
(2)silk ribbon


Step 1. Cut an 8” length of 32 mm double faced satin ribbon.
Step 2. Thread one end onto a large chenille needle. Take this end down through your fabric from the top leaving only about ¾” below the fabric.
Step 3. Thread a sewing needle with a 12” length of matching embroidery floss knotted at one end. Bring the floss up from the back through the ribbon tail.
Step 4. Make a running stitch using approximately ½” long stitches down the center of the ribbon stopping about 1 ½” from the end.
Step 5. Push the ribbon down along the floss toward the starting point to gather the ribbon and then twist the ribbon so the gathers aren’t sitting directly on top of each other.
Step 6. Thread the end of the ribbon onto a large chenille needle and take the ribbon end down through the fabric close to the starting point of the ribbon. Only pull about an 1” of ribbon through to the back.
Step 7. Take the floss through to the back through the ribbon and pull tightly to keep the ribbon gathered.
Step 8. Make a few stitches on the back through both ribbon ends to prevent them from pulling through to the front.  Tie off the floss and trim any excess ribbon.

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