Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to make your shoes more beautiful with silk ribbon?

 Do you want make your shoes more beautiful? in fact,it's so easy,just follow our steps,you can do it yourself!!

 This is a great little thing to do to plain flats. Or plain pumps. Best with nothing on the toe already. You can also add the ribbons to the outside of the shoe instead of the inside for a "wrap around" look. I'd use hot glue if you decided to do that instead.

 What you need:

1.Organza Ribbon or Silk Ribbon(i buy ribbon online from )

All Steps
1. Cut a yard and a half of wide silk ribbon. Cut that in half. Then cut in half again. You should now have four lengths of ribbon.

2. I think it's best to sew to shoe if possible. That way if you want to change it or just plain don't like it, it's easy to rip out the seams with a seam ripper. But if you're shoe is too thick you can always use hot glue for the next part.
If you are sewing, put on the shoe and pin ribbon to shoe where you want it be on the top of your foot.

3. Either sew or hot glue to shoe. As I mentioned earlier you can either sew to inside or hot glue to outside for a "wrapped" ribbbon look.

4. Cut ends of ribbon at an angle.

5. And spray them with no fray spray.

Done.  It's so easy,right?

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