Friday, April 26, 2013

The Way of Use Ribbon to Display Wedding Seating Cards

    Wedding seating cards are often the first thing your guests will see as they arrive at your reception. Seating cards tell your guests where they are sitting. When displayed with ribbon, they can make a first impression that sets the tone for the entire night. From frilly to elegant, use ribbon and a little creativity to create an easy-to-assemble seating card display that can't be missed.

Things You'll Need

  1. Spring Ribbon
  2. Seating cards
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape

    Prepare Your Materials
  1.  Purchase ribbon for your seating card display. Choose a color that matches or compliments your wedding colors. Consider purchasing four or five different types of ribbon.such as with polka dots, stripes and solid ribbon.
  2.  Experiment with a variety of display options. Ribbon can create a backdrop for your seating cards or serve as the surface to hold your cards in place.
  3. Cut blank pieces of paper the approximate size of your seating cards. Make a blank card for every person or couple attending to ensure your display is large enough.
        Woven Seating Card Display
  4. Use a cork board or poster board large enough to accommodate all of your seating cards.
  5. Cover the board with decorative paper and staple ribbon across the board, spacing each piece two or three inches apart, depending on the size of your seating cards.
  6. Weave another color of ribbon through the horizontal ribbon. Pull the weave taut and staple the ribbon ends to the back of the board.
  7. Stuff the back of your seating cards into the weave. Bend the cards at the fold so the fronts with your guests' names hang unobstructed over the ribbon.
        Wedding Seating Card Garland
  8. Tie one end of ribbon at eye level near the entrance of your reception area. Tie the other end so the ribbon slightly droops like a clothes line to create a garland-style display.
  9. Attach a second ribbon near the first if you have a large number of seating cards.
  10. Use decorative mini-clothes pins to hang your wedding seating cards from the ribbon.
  11. Tie one end of ribbon to a high point near the entrance. Clip the remaining wedding cards to the vertical ribbon.
  12. Give each piece of ribbon a slight tug to ensure your display is secure. Tape the ends in place if possible.
  13. Store your ribbon with the seating cards. Take a picture of your display if someone else will be setting them up on the big day.

    Tips & Warnings

        You can go to a ribbon website to buy ribbon on line ,because you can buy discout ribbon.of course,Buy more ribbon than you think you'll need. This will save someone from having to make an emergency trip to the store if you don't have enough.

        If you can't find decorative clothes pins, buy them plain at a craft shop. Add a light coat of paint and some glitter so your display sparkles.

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