Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ribbon Sculpture Instructions

I typically concentrate on headbands made up of cloth flowers and/or feathers. However, I even have seen ribbon sculptures on Etsy et al., and that i assume they're simply manner too cute, thus i made a decision that this may be the proper chance to vary and check out creating one. And what's a lot of summery  than a giant ball of sunny joy….especially on this tiny gal?! Not a lot of.

What you need for this tutorial?
  1. yellow ribbon (3/8" wide)
  2. french ribbon (1" wide)
  3. a hot glue gun and hot glue
  4. scissors
Start by cutting your circle of felt. This won't really show. it's the bottom that you simply can glue all of your ribbon onto. Cut no matter size of circle you'd like. I needed mine pretty massive, and, as you'll be able to see, I used my optical lens because the circle type for activity.

Cut lengths of ribbon for your sun rays. Mine were simply over an in. long. Snip a V within the ends of your sun rays. you will wish to use somewhat of Fray Check to seal up the ends of your sun rays.

Use dots of hot glue to secure your sun rays to your felt circle.

Now you're progressing to begin your sun’s body. Begin by employing a dot of hot glue to secure the sting of your ribbon beneath itself so you'll have a pleasant, neat end. currently glue the ribbon to the “top” of the sun.

At the “bottom” comprehend what proportion ribbon length you wish at rock bottom and cut it off. Glue the tip beneath such as you did at the start. Secure it down at the tip with hot glue. Your sun is currently DONE! straightforward peasy, right?

Voila! you're all done! If your very little girl has hair then plow ahead and clip that unhealthy boy on. If not, you'll be able to do what I did and clip that sun onto a fold-over elastic band. Of course, you'll be able to additionally glue it on to the elastic, however i prefer to place it on a clip so it'll work as a baby band currently and a hair clip later.

Tips & warning:

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