Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY tutorial of Making Ribbon Belts

Along with being super straightforward to form, ribbon belts square measure terribly comfy for each kids and adults to wear. creating ribbons belts isn't solely straightforward, however value effective moreover. this text contains a tutorial which will be created by people who square measure thought-about beginners at stitching. Be careful, you'll become dependent on creating multiple ribbon belts in varied colours and styles.


Roll of 3/8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon
2 D-rings
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape


Step 1 - live the waist of the person for whom you're creating the belt for. Take that measure and add 7- nine inches to that. This total are going to be the length of ribbon that you just ought to cut.

* If you're employing a single strand of ribbon for the belt, skip to Step Four. If you've got chosen 2 strands of ribbon to fuse along for the belt, still Step 2.

Step 2 - Cut a strip of the liquid adhesive that's as long because the length of the ribbon. Follow the directions on the package before ironing along the ribbon and liquid adhesive. Once you've got adhered the 2 sections of ribbon along, pass on to ensuing step.

Step 3 - For further sturdiness, sew a sew that runs down the complete length of the ribbon belt (the prime and bottom).

Step 4 - Place your ribbon belt onto a flat surface (inside of belt facing up) and slip one finish through the flat aspect of the D-rings. The ribbon ought to overlap the D-ring around 1/2". Sew a vertical sew to carry that section in situ. For further security, you'll need to stitch a pair of or three additional stitches over the world.

Step 5: the ultimate step is to heat seal the tip of the ribbon belt to stop fraying. the best approach is to pass the tip of the ribbon through a flame (candle or lighter) terribly quickly. The pass ought to be in one motion from left to right. Please use caution with this step associated confirm an adult performs the warmth seal. Once the ribbon passes through the flame, it'll harden and seal the tip of the ribbon belt.

If you are employing a solid color for your ribbon belt, you'll simply use one strip of the cloth ribbon unless you decide on otherwise. In some cases, rolls of cheap christmas ribbon that contain styles don't have the styles written on either side. In these instances, you'll have to settle on another roll of ribbon, probably a solid color, that may go well with the planning you have got chosen. this can be after you would be adhering the 2 strands along. It adds somewhat additional work, however the end result is nice as a result of you finish up with a reversible ribbon belt!

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