Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY christmas card tutorial for share

Christmas cards at all times regardless of irreplaceable best Christmas gift because Christmas card itself is relatively simple, unlike the Christmas gift that had to burn brain ready for Christmas cards, as long as ready for their blessings language to OK it. This by Canon launched a free three-dimensional Christmas cards gave us about handmade DIY Christmas cards more choices. After all, sometimes still want to be able to produce and sell Christmas cards out of business Christmas cards can be comparable, and this teddy bear Christmas cards can definitely achieve this effect.
What you need:
(1)christmas parper
(3)cheap christmas ribbon
(4)red ribbon

  1. In the specific production process, this is the most critical part of the Teddy Bear Christmas cards assembled, making teddy bears can be freely opened and closed with the greeting card activities. Here all the cards first variable structure tailoring down. Then the first part of the structure of the folded sufficiently so that it can be folded freedom. And the upper green dot where the two rectangular areas with white latex paste, making it fixed. While marked (2) of section also pasted into (a) section above. Note that some of the activities of the folded portion can be fully pre-folded, thus facilitating the ultimate Christmas card pasted to the inside can be free after the sheets together with the greeting card is opened or closed.
  2. Then the (6) No. Structural paste into making a good step in front of the structure above, and then paste it into (7) No structure that is the main Christmas greeting card body top. Note the location of the icon in the paste have been marked with a red dot out, according to specific locations marked for folding and pasting can be.
  3. This time speaking (3) No part of the overall model is also performed on the paste, note that when the paste teddy bear's body is actually a cross with its arms full attention to this point. Meanwhile the body above the crease where the folding process also, making teddy bears ultimate in Christmas cards when you can open a free open body.
  4. First teddy bear's head (5) paste (4) No structure above. Then this combination a good structure and then paste it into the front of the main step in making a good Christmas cards at the end that (4) No. rectangular structure is to be placed behind the teddy bear to go, put in front may revealed the secret. While the other part is illustrated in accordance with the origin and arrows, it can be pasted. Teddy Bear Christmas cards this time have the freedom to open and close and see their freedom of movement in the structure above it.   

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  1. I love this ribbon craft,i used to use Yama Ribbon as my ribbon brand.