Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Make a Bottle Bag with Ribbon

Many people think bottle bag is made by strong fabric and they are diffcult to make.but here i will tell these people,You idea is not right and i will share a simple tutorial of make a bottle bag with ribbon.
What you need:
(3)glue gun

Step 1:I used the mini bottle as my guide and cut the fabric so there was enough on each side for a “seam” and enough length to fold up and over the entire bottle.
Step 2:Use pinking shears so you don’t have to sew, and no worries about raveling.
Step 3:Make sure your fabric is ironed and wrinkle free.
Step 4:The “secret” to this no-sew project is to use a glue gun. Add a line of hot glue near the edge of the fabric, from the top to the middle.
Step 5:Fold the fabric in half lengthwise to create a seam, and let cool for a few minutes. I found it was easier to hot glue 1 side at a time instead of both sides.
Step 6:Once your bag is set, insert the bottle and tie a stripe ribbon around the top to secure.

Warning & Tips:
  1. If you want to try this tutorial, you can buy some discount ribbon online.
  2. Maybe you can visit some ribbon wholesale website to get a wholesale price.
  3. you can try some other color as your want.

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