Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY a special ribbon project

Today i will sharing an awesome DIY project, first you should perpare some materials in the following list.
What you need:
  1. grosgrain ribbons
  2. Glue gun
  3. Fabric flowers
  4. glue dots or straight pins
  5. ribbon craft

I started with inexperienced boxes therefore I wrapped them with kraft for a neutral background, however if you begin with the wrapping paper boxes from the shop then you’re smart. take away the lids and switch the boxes the wrong way up. You don’t would like the lids for this project.

You’ll ought to work while not the glue initially therefore you'll be able to confirm however you wish your pattern to layout. The key's to wrap the strips of ribbon and trim in order that they square measure overlapping and bedded and have some dimension.

I started by mistreatment the bias tape to “frame out” every box the highest and bottom}. simply use the glue gun to stick every layer you wrap.

Because this can be a shabby stylish look during a monochromatic color method, it’s necessary to use many textures with the gunny, lace, and zipper.

Once you’ve found out however you wish to rearrange your trim, begin gluing them in situ with the glue gun.

After each boxes square measure complete, place the smaller one on prime of the larger one – glue in situ round the edge if you wish.

Add the material flowers during a cascading fashion and hold them in situ mistreatment the new glue, the glue dots, or straight pins. You’ll be ready to take away the flowers for an additional use if you utilize glue dots or pins.

Top your “cake” with an oversized flower and place it on a cake stand. Surround it with buttons for a finished look.

Tips & Warning:
You can buy some discount ribbon and if you want buy large quantity of ribbon you can wholesale ribbon from yama online store.

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