Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to make barrette holder with ribbon?

I love barrette holder and i am ganna make a barrette holder with ribbon,if you like DIY ribbon craft too,you can follow my instruction.i will show you how to make a cute barrette holder step by step.

What you need:
(1)2 different types of ribbon:
  1>1 inch grosgrain ribbon for the top part of the holder
  2>1.5 to 2 inches wide for the bottom part of the holder
  3>3/8 inch dot ribbon for the hanger
(3)Fabri-tac Adhesive

  1.  Measure and cut the one in. wide and one.5-2 inch wide ribbon to the specified length.  For the one I created, I cut a yard of every ribbon.  These items are accustomed build the "hanger" a part of this lovely pin holder.
  2. Measure and cut 3 items of ribbon which will be used for the bow. the primary piece of ribbon ought to be fourteen inches long.  The second piece ought to be ten.5 inches long and also the third piece ought to be vi inches long.
  3. Make the lowest a part of the bow.  Take the fourteen in. piece of ribbon and lay flat ahead of you.  Place a strip of glue down the center at the 0.5 approach purpose (7inches in) between each ends.  Fold each ends of the ribbon in and glue them to the center of the ribbon.
  4. Follow the directions for step three to form the opposite elements of the bow victimization the ten.5 in. and half dozen in. piece of ribbon. you ought to have three bows at the top of this step.  Let the 3 bows dry before attending to step five.
  5. Place the largest bow with the seam down.  Put a dollop of glue in the middle and place the second largest bow on top and pinch to seal the glue.
  6. Follow step 5 to glue the last bow on top of the middle bow.  Let the glue dry.
  7.  Cut a 6 inch piece of the narrower ribbon. 
  8. Wrap this piece around the middle of the ribbon bow and secure in the back with glue.  Your bow for the top of the barrette holder is done!
  9. Create the "holder" for the pin holder.  Take the 2 items of ribbon (1 yard each) and place the dilutant piece on high of the broader piece. acting from one finish of the ribbon, fold over each items of ribbon close to 1-1.5 in. and glue to the backside of the broader piece of ribbon. you finish up making a loop which will be accustomed droop the pin holder.
  10. Glue the bow on high of the ribbon holder concerning one in. from the highest of the loop. 
  11. each six to eight inches, place a glue dot on the broader piece of ribbon and glue the highest piece (narrow) to very cheap piece of ribbon on the holder.
  12. Let the glue dry.
  13. Cut a three in. piece of the 1/8 in. wide ribbon for the hanger.  Thread the ribbon into the loop at the highest of the holder.  Knot the ribbon at the highest to make the hanger.  

    Viola! you're done and prepared to hold this lovely pin holder in your favorite gals space.  Add some cute barrettes and enjoy!!!

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  1. fabulous take on the sketch and what a lovely way to store your hair clips. Thank you for sharing with us at BearlyMine Designs this time. Good luck. Jackie DT. x