Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY beautiful wedding flowers with ribbon

Today i will show you how to use wedding ribbon to make some beautiful wedding supplies.

Materials what you need:
  •  Rickrack, Stripe Ribbon, or french ribbon; artificial stamens; milliner's sewing needle; thread; floral wire and tape; liquid seam sealant; tacky glue. For fabric, opt for lightweight cotton (such as most quilting fabrics), since they can be easily torn along the fabric's grain.

1. Use thread in matching color (knot the end) to stitch a stitch lengthwise on one fringe of the strip or ribbon.

2. Slide cloth on thread, string vogue, to gather.

3. Bring ends of material along, right sides facing, and sew. clip excess seam allowance, and apply seam sealing material to chop edges of material to stop unraveling. Fold some stamens in 0.5, then slip a 10-inch floral wire through them at the fold; fold the wire in 0.5, and twist to secure. Insert stem into center of flower therefore reproductive structure heads emerge simply a bit; add a dab of tacky glue to secure, and let dry. Wrap stem in floral tape. to brighten favors, glue flowers to cloth bands.

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